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Welcome to Inspiring Awe, where travel planning becomes an amazing, stress-free, and unforgettable experience. Inspiring Awe is a small business that lives and breathes travel, led by Belmaris Abrams, the passionate owner and travel planner. With travel experiences and a deep connection with nature, Belmaris has built her business to share her love and expertise with the world.

At Inspiring Awe, Belmaris believes travel planning is an art and takes pride in creating extraordinary experiences for her clients. Join Belmaris on a journey that will leave you in awe, and let her create a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.



Hola! I’m Belmaris Abrams, the owner and travel planner at Inspiring Awe Travel Agency. Originally from Puerto Rico, I packed up my bags and set off on a new adventure in the United States in 2014, searching for better career opportunities in Biotechnology. But life had a different plan for me as I prioritized my family and became more focused on supporting my daughter. This shift led me to discover my passion for the hospitality industry. Little did I know that this transition would shape me into a more well-rounded professional.

These experiences, combined with my deep love for travel, are what led to the creation of my small business. I find true fulfillment in connecting personally with my clients, knowing they trust me with their travel dreams. Building genuine relationships and earning their trust is at the heart of what I do.

At Inspiring Awe, my mission is to bring your dreams to life by creating unique and personalized travel experiences that leave a lasting impact. I want to be more than just a travel planner—I want to be your trusted friend and companion throughout your journey, ensuring every step is beautiful and unforgettable.

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